Writing & Editing

Red Dot crafts and finesses words to reflect your brand personality, in a language your audience uses.

In the digital age, copy can make the difference in how much traffic you get, and how much of that traffic you convert. With the written word directly affecting your bottom line, it is more important than ever to ensure your copy is produced by someone who understands both traditional marketing communications, and who also has the technical skillset to market in the age of Google.

Almost every message a brand develops ends up online today – or at least it should. Building up your online content is the new SEO. Gone are the days of white hat and black hat SEO trickster agencies spamming sites to build links and keyword stuffing to improve search rankings. In order to build up your online authority and drive traffic to your website, it is essential to refresh your site new and relevant content on a regular basis. The gods of the Google algorithm have made it so.

Red Dot’s experts can help you build a great content brand by tapping into the online behavior of your prospective customer and creating copy that matches their search queries. Whether it’s a press release, blog post, newsletter, advertisement or white paper, we’ll create compelling copy that reflects your brand personality and that uses the language your audience uses to search for the products and services you offer. So, you can extend the life of your marketing campaign and start building a great content brand.

Let us take the words right out of your mouth and turn them into a powerfully enduring and searchable story about your brand.



  • Topic research
  • Theme development
  • Scheduling


  • Press releases
  • Annual reports
  • Newsletters and e-blasts
  • Blogging
  • Brochures
  • Websites
  • Advertisements
  • Speeches
  • Technical documentation


  • Draft revisions and version management
  • Proofreading
  • Fact checking


  • Brand/design style
  • Editorial

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Red Dot Marketing Founder and Content Strategist, Nikki Gentles has spent more than a dozen years in the communications business. She has harnessed the power of a well-crafted message for companies like Kellogg’s, Media Profile, Abbott Laboratories and the Stephen Lewis Foundation. It has been her privilege to write speeches for Cindy Crawford, accompany William Shatner on a promotional media tour and plan a concert featuring Alicia Keys and Harry Belafonte to benefit AIDS organizations in Africa.

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