Writing & Editing

Words that reflect your brand personality, in a language your audience understands…

It’s not as easy as it sounds. Even when you know your business better than anyone, it may not always translate when you have to summarize it in an email, pitch it to a local reporter, put it on presentation slides or post it on your company blog. The written word is powerful enough to build or destroy your reputation so you need to ensure that you choose your words wisely.

You might be a subject matter expert but you don’t have time in your day to spend crafting the perfect marketing message for your customers. Or perhaps you have a natural flair for writing but you don’t know how to optimize your copy for search engines. Hiring a communications professional to tell a powerful story about your brand can maximize your sales and profits.

Red Dot can help you fine tune your message to reflect your tone, keyword editing your content or proofreading your copy for clarity, accuracy and consistency.

Here are some samples of our writing:

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