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Harness the power of a well-crafted message to engage and influence your target audience.

Written words are one of the most effective methods of communication. The enduring power of the published word is often perceived to have more authority than spoken word. As a marketing tool, it is an integral part of creating your brand identity. It will pervade and persist like a visual cue, and should be crafted with as much careful and strategic consideration as the design of your logo.

Red Dot can help you identify the right medium for your message. Whether for print, broadcast or digital media, we will tailor our approach to writing and editing to ensure the copy is clear, concise, compelling, and contextual.

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Red Dot Marketing Founder and Content Strategist, Nikki Gentles has spent more than a dozen years in the communications business. She has harnessed the power of a well-crafted message for companies like Kellogg’s, Media Profile, Abbott Laboratories and the Stephen Lewis Foundation. It has been her privilege to write speeches for Cindy Crawford, accompany William Shatner on a promotional media tour and plan a concert featuring Alicia Keys and Harry Belafonte to benefit AIDS organizations in Africa.

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