Your Brand

Develop a brand identity, position and value proposition that resonates with your target consumer.

Delivering seamless user experiences by creating brand consistency across all touchpoints – from identity creation to print, packaging, web and template design – not only makes your company look professional, it helps people remember who you are through recognizable visual and aural cues. So, no matter where they encounter your presence, they feel the same emotional connection to your brand, think the same positive thoughts about your product, and want to share their experience with others.

If you have a clear vision of what your business stands for, what you have to offer and who you needs your services, Red Dot can help you tell a clear and compelling story that helps you stand apart from anyone else in your industry.

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Red Dot Marketing Founder and Content Strategist, Nikki Gentles has spent more than a dozen years in the communications business. She has harnessed the power of a well-crafted message for companies like Kellogg’s, Media Profile, Abbott Laboratories and the Stephen Lewis Foundation. It has been her privilege to write speeches for Cindy Crawford, accompany William Shatner on a promotional media tour and plan a concert featuring Alicia Keys and Harry Belafonte to benefit AIDS organizations in Africa.

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