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Convert your audience into brand loyalists by taking advantage of the wealth of online search data.

As digital forms of communication continue to outpace traditional media consumption, it is essential for businesses to adapt and embrace the future of marketing or risk getting left behind by their customers and competitors. With 80% of Canadians online, 64% with social profiles, and a combined 4.8 billion searches performed each month, it is clear that your business’ target audience is already connected. Consumers are not only looking for products and solutions online, they are leaving behind a trail of search data that can be used to better understand their behavior and intent, and help you convert them into lifelong customers.

Red Dot’s approach to web development, search strategy, and social media is rooted in solid understanding of how to deliver personalized user experiences that engage and affect. By accessing real-time search behaviour data, we can better understand what people want, and develop strategies to target the right consumer, with the right message, using the best channel to build great content brands.

From web and mobile app development to search engine optimization, paid search campaigns and content development, our internet marketing solutions have the power to connect you to people.

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Red Dot Marketing Founder and Content Strategist, Nikki Gentles has spent more than a dozen years in the communications business. She has harnessed the power of a well-crafted message for companies like Kellogg’s, Media Profile, Abbott Laboratories and the Stephen Lewis Foundation. It has been her privilege to write speeches for Cindy Crawford, accompany William Shatner on a promotional media tour and plan a concert featuring Alicia Keys and Harry Belafonte to benefit AIDS organizations in Africa.

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