Content Recrowned the King of SEO

In 1996, Bill Gates famously declared “content is king”. What many people could not see then is how true this statement would become.

To put it in perspective, Google didn’t even exist at this point, and the total number of websites in the world numbered fewer than 100,000. If your company even had a website in the early days, it was likely similar to your brochure, a virtual, static, one-way communication tool.

Fast forward to present day, and there are over 160 million websites worldwide. More important for your business, 80% of Canadians are online performing more than 4.8 billion searches each month. If you don’t have a web strategy that includes content marketing, you are missing out on an opportunity to better understand and reach your target audience.

With the latest Google algorithms in place to penalize white hat and black hat SEO practitioners, companies must now earn their rank in search engines by becoming a valuable source of high quality, relevant and unique content.

Gone are the days of the static website. Companies that want to succeed in the new digital world must develop digital marketing strategies that include content marketing. The regular and ongoing addition of valuable content can make you a favourite source of information to your target audience. It also tells Google’s crawlers that you are a relevant publisher, and that your site has authority and you are a subject matter expert. The more content you publish, the more often Google will come back to crawl your site, potentially improving your rankings for your keywords.

Google loves fresh, unique content because it allows them to offer their customer better search results, better service and a better experience. Your reward for helping Google deliver better service is better search rankings.

If you think you can afford to hold off a bit longer on starting your content marketing strategy, just consider that site authority gets stronger over time. Each day you spend questioning Bill Gate’s theory, is an opportunity for your competitors to get ahead of you in the game. You need to start immediately. Here are some tips to get your content marketing strategy going:

Content Marketing Strategy Tips

#1 Take Stock of Your Existing Content

Take inventory of all of your webpages, brochures, newsletters, pictures, videos, music, etc. Think of how everything can be used or repurposed for your audience.

#2 Understand Your Audience

Use online data to understand what your audience wants and how they search for it. Use free tools like Google Analytics and Keyword Tool to analyze searcher behaviour.

#3 Develop a Content Calendar

Plan every detail of your content roll out in an editorial calendar. Based on what you learned from online data, using existing, repurposed content and develop new content ideas that are relevant to your audience.

#4 Be Consistent and Think Long-term

Stick to the calendar! Keep your commitment to add fresh and relevant content on a regular basis. It is what matters most in impressing Google and it is the best way to establish yourself, your business, as a thought leader.
Follow these steps and you are well on your way to reaping the rewards of a well-executed content marketing plan. Just remember that content, like cream, rises to the top.

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Red Dot Marketing Founder and Content Strategist, Nikki Gentles has spent more than a dozen years in the communications business. She has harnessed the power of a well-crafted message for companies like Kellogg’s, Media Profile, Abbott Laboratories and the Stephen Lewis Foundation. It has been her privilege to write speeches for Cindy Crawford, accompany William Shatner on a promotional media tour and plan a concert featuring Alicia Keys and Harry Belafonte to benefit AIDS organizations in Africa.

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